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Shipping or local pickup or Rock or Sand

How do you package and ship "Live Rock"?
We typically ship using the FedEx because of the low cost of these heavy packages. The services of an overnight shipping company should be used to ship live rock from our warehouse location to your door if you can afford the extra cost. FedEx is faster than UPS.

Can I pick up rock at your Florida Keys warehouse instead of incurring shipping costs?
We definitely welcome walk in customers but ask that you call ahead to set up the time. When you are here we will provide you free of charge up to 100 gallons of saltwater.

Do you ship outside the US?
Yes we do but only where FedEx operations are available. Our main focus is on supplying North American markets. Our aquaculture supply is intended to provide the hobbyist with quality live rock while curbing the destruction of natural reefs. The destruction of natural reefs in other parts of the world, in the name of profit, should not be supported by anyone that loves the aquarium hobby. As our source material increases, we will then ship to other locations. We will look to establish one supplier per country in our plan for expansion.

When will my rock arrive?
We only ship live rock on Monday or Tuesday. This will guarantee the shortest period of time between our tank and your tank. It makes no sense to ship late in the week and have your rock sit in a warehouse over the weekend. We have had great success shipping this way.

Getting Ocean Fresh Live Rock
Live Rock is the most important component of the marine aquarium. All of our live rock is produced through aquaculture efforts. The objective is to prevent the importation of Live Rock that is taken from the worlds natural reefs. Currently, on our aquaculture leases, LiveRockUSA produces a coralline algae encrusted, biologically active rock that is a perfect foundation for the saltwater aquarium. LiveRockUSA has several offshore aquaculture leases in the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys. This guarantees you will receive genuine Live Rock fresh from the bays and oceans where aquaculture efforts are dedicated to providing a homegrown superior product.



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