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Ocean Life Direct Aquarium Products
 Florida is the heart of the United States Live Rock Industry. All Live Rock Aquaculture Leases are in the Florida Keys or Gulf  of Mexico. Florida is also the largest source of Limestone Rock in the United States and provides the most reef like limestone available anywhere

Atlantic Ocean Live Rock
The Live Rock on our aquaculture leases have been maturing thirty feet under water in the Atlantic Ocean for over ten years. We have shapes and sizes from 2 pounds to 80 pounds. You cannot grow rock like this anywhere but in the ocean. Claims of commercially culturing Live Rock in tanks are bogus

Florida Bay Live Rock
Florida Bay Rock is different from the Atlantic Ocean Live Rock. Sizes are typically between 3 and 10 pounds. Larger sizes are available upon request. All live rock is shipped wrapped in wet materials. There will be plant die off in the process. Note the coral buds on this rock.

Florida Limestone Natural Dry Rock
Great rock when the budget is tight. Dry Rock has very limited impact on an aquarium where rock is added to an existing environment or going into a new aquarium. This rock is easy to work with and adding some Live Rock to the Dry Rock will save money. This rock is in a natural state and the harder you wash it the more character surfaces.

Florida Limestone Pressure Cleaned Dry Rock
When Natural Dry Rock is pressure cleaned there will be even more character to the rock than washing with a garden hose. We sell the rock already pressure cleaned to save you the time, trouble and cleanup.

Calcium Carbonate Dry Sand
This is the ideal sand for your aquarium. Low Impact and balanced sand bottoms are easy to work with. Truth be told, it is illegal to take sand from our US waters. Anyone that claims to have Live Sand from the Florida Keys or Gulf of Mexico is not straight talking. Just like us, they sell CACO3 sand. Our minimum order is 40 pounds that ships in the flat rate postal box.


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