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Ocean Life Direct, LLC

Ocean Life Direct, LLC isn't new to the Live Rock or Dry Rock business. We have specific goals and unique products that we want to tell you about. Our products make a difference and our prices are very attractive.

The philosophy of Ocean Life Direct existed long before the company was established. Engage in commerce and make a stand for the environment. The founder of Ocean Life Direct, Gary Levine, is also the visionary behind the Atlantis Reef Project, a man-made reef, located offshore of Key Biscayne Florida. www.reefbuildersint.com. Reef protection for this group started long ago.
Creating reefs by adding new reef material is one way to help protect our oceans. Another way is to undertake a business initiative that helps stop the destruction of natural reefs no matter where they are located. The intentional destruction of natural reefs must be stopped.

People love fish tanks, for good reason, just as I do. They are beautiful and mesmerizing in the home, office or public places. The foundation of a great saltwater aquarium is the Rock Aquascape. Because of the US demand for Live Rock, aquarium Live Rock is being harvested from the natural reefs of some foreign countries with no regard for the long term damage.. Destroying reefs to create an economy for a small amount of native inhabitants on an island is not a satisfactory explanation of why these reefs are being destroyed. The intentional destruction of natural reefs should be prohibited everywhere in the world before the damage is irreversible. Importation of natural reef material should be banned. Our oceans are in trouble and every reef is important. Because it is not in our back yard and they are not our own natural reefs does not mean that we will not feel the loss here at home. We will! Without the natural recent our oceans will die.

At Ocean Life Direct, our objective is to provide quality Live Rock created through Aquaculture and Mariculture initiatives. We will attempt to fulfill the demand of Live Rock through the entrepreneurial efforts here at home at prices similar to those of the imported Live Rock. It then makes good sense to purchase your products through aquaculture companies in the United States that can meet your needs and support the protection of our reefs.

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