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Welcome To Ocean Life Direct, LLC

Ocean Life Direct is offering the finest Florida Aquacultured ““Live Rock”” available to the reef tank hobbyist today. Marine aquarium rock serves as the ultimate bio-filtration system for reef tank aquariums. Stunningly beautiful and full of life, as well as environmentally- friendly, the rock we offer is fresh from the ocean “Live Rock”.

What is Aquacultured 'Live Rock'?

Aquacultured “Live Rock” is the magnificent end-result of our multi-year reef-building efforts in South Florida and now in the Florida Keys.

We have 800,000 pounds of Florida limestone product that was hand set 10 years ago in 25 feet of water offshore of Islamorada, Florida in the clear waters of the Florida Keys. Each time we harvest rock, we add rock that was hand sorted at our quarry in South Florida to the existing Mariculture site. This limestone is transported to all of our offshore lease sites in preparation for becoming true “Live Rock”, thus creating a sustainable harvest site in the most beautiful waters of the United States. This benefits not only the oceans reef inhabitants, but also our reef tank enthusiasts from beginners to seasoned experts!


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